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Monday, January 22, 2007

Getting Started

How wise am I to post my private and public thoughts here? Probably not very. However, here I am.
January, in a state election year in Mississippi, and locally, in DeSoto County. What a strange place in time. We will begin seeing all kinds of initiatives and photo ops from all the elected officials, reminding us of how important they are, and how important the work is that they do. Keep in mind, dear reader, that most of the time we want them out of sight as well as out of mind. But now we will see pictures of them in all the local papers (and we have 4) as they hand out (our) money to communities and non-profits, conveniently in the presence of photograpers (what a coincidence!) They will begin to remind us of how they are ALWAYS there for us, and that they wish more than anything that we would all call or write them if we have ANY questions or concerns that they might address. They are TOO good to us. They will begin to question, very seriously, all expenses that might cause our taxes to be raised, because, more than anything, they want to save us from being subjected to HIGH taxes. It is our God-given right to have every amenity at lowest possible cost to ourselves.
Yes, you probably detect a hint of sour grapes, since I was an unsuccessful (read LOSER) candidate in the last election. But I have been reformed, re-born, if you will, and now realize that aspiration for political life is a disease, a drug that some folks get hold of and just can't get out of their systems. They will do anything to get it, from lying to changing parties. ( Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to see the light!! )
Let's watch the news and see if any new contenders arise.