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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hurrah, it's 2009!

Wait! Are you telling me that I am a year behind? What happened? It seems like I was just getting used to being in the 21st century, never mind a whole decade in.
It took me so long to get used to the 60's that I still want to use those numbers! Of course, the 50's comprised my whole life at that time, so it was a lot tougher to let go. The 70's were just surreal. I thought they were temporary; I didn't know that that was how things worked - change, constant change! And the 80's. I liked that decade. I thought I looked really cute in those shoulder pads and curly hair. Who made the decision that we were a little over the top? Not me, I can assure you. The 90's slipped up on me - a new life experience, growth ( me AND my children) that I kicked and screamed my way through. 2000: it's hard to believe that we were so absorbed in the changing of the century. What a marketing coup for the bottled water and battery people! The 2000's have only been a minor part of my life - what, 15% or so? The more years I have under my belt, the shorter they are, as a percentage of my life. No wonder they are flying by. I regret that I never mastered the pogo stick or the accordion. Is it too late?
I wonder how we'll refer to our new year. We now say oh-nine. I have heard some people say oh-ten; but that doesn't seem right for some reason. Maybe twenty-ten? Do you think the people of 1910 had this problem? Or were they too busy worrying about war, economics, families, disease, and spiritual matters? Hmm, we always need a backup worry, don't we? In the event that all our real problems get taken care of?
Here's hoping that your New Year finds you with nothing to worry about except what to call it!