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Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome to our world, Baby Boy!

Welcome, Ranger! You have finally arrived and life will never be the same for this crazy bunch of people who will collectively be known to you as your family. You came through a little rough patch getting here, but now you're all settled in, snuggled between two warm little gel packs in a heated crib in the NICU, sucking down the FOTG, i.e., your mother's breast milk. That prick on your foot when the nurse checked your blood glucose made you squinch up that sweet little face and howl bloody murder. Sweet one, I hope that is the worst pain you ever feel. All your relatives are eager to meet you, but let me prepare you a little for just a few of the people who will be important characters in your life story.

First of all, that wonderful vehicle you sloshed around in for nine months that provided everything you needed, sacrificed pain relief and an occasional glass of wine to make sure you didn't get anything yucky in your system that you didn't need? That was Mommy. You can do no wrong in Mommy's eyes- I mean absolutely none. You must always be perfectly honest and open with her. This is the person whose eyes will fill with tears more times than she ever thought possible, at just the thought of harm coming to you. You will never know how much power you have over her. There's a wise saying, "With great power comes great responsibility." Take heed, little man.

Then there is the other major player in your life: your dad. He will be the best dad ever. Unlike a lot of other dads, this one is still a little boy at heart. There are so many fun things he can show you. Wading in streams, climbing trees, playing games, taking care of animals, and loving the outdoors. He will be tempted to go to great lengths to give you anything you could possible want, but money can't buy the gifts he has in store for you. He has a huge, kind heart and a great sense of justice. He will protect you from the big, scary world until you are able to manage it for yourself. Lucky you!

I can't wait for you to get to know Grandma Rosie. She's the one for stories, poems, tickles, hugs, and popcorn. Wait til you hear "Little Orphant Annie." I'll warn you in advance: it's kind of scary! But in a good way. If you ever want to know how Grandma feels about something, just wait - she'll let you know without having to ask. She will also let you know how much she loves you. You'll be her favorite grandson named Ranger!

And Uncle Curt! What a cool uncle. You can believe anything Uncle Curt ever tells you. He will be your source for comic books and videos. He will give you good advice. He will play with you for as long as you want him to; he will swing you around and around, let you "beat" him in wrestling, and he will always be there for you. I think the two of you will be good playmates.

And I want you to know and love me. I don't know what you'll call me, but whatever it is, I'll come running when I hear it. You are so much like two other sweet little baby boys that I used to know, but I know that you are a new person, with a new spirit - a precious unique gift from God.

Welcome home, Ranger. We thought you'd never get here.